From the beginning

Technical proposal and quotation

Our quotations are complete, compliant and competitive. And our professional response to enquiries makes buying decisions easy.

We provide professional support to project teams with a full technical and pricing service covering:

  • Aesthetic and ergonomic specifications — frame profile and finish, light size and configuration, hardware
  • Energy performance (WERS) and acoustic performance verification
  • Installation procedures, detailing and programming
  • Australian Standard and NCC requirements for emergency egress, disability access, human impact loading, behaviour under wind and structural load.

Uncompromising quality


All our products are manufactured and prepared for installation in our Malaga production centre. Everything is custom-made to order by our experienced team from individual site measurements and dispatched to suit the site program.

In the thick of it

Installation and glazing

With 30+ years experience, the experienced tradesmen in our AluGlaze installation teams work in partnership with site managers and other trades to fit framing, glazing and automation to uncompromising standards. All our site personnel have completed White Card Construction Training and have the High Risk Work Licenses they need to get the job done safely.

The right team

Project Managers

Our project managers are all seasoned industry specialists and they work alongside your team to get things done correctly and on time. They are well-connected, mobile professionals with up-to-date project management tools and IT to help you achieve your project goals. Let us know what you need.