A Responsible Local Fabricator

AluGlaze is a responsibly managed local company with its roots firmly in West Australia.  Since we started, we have been contributing to the built environment in the communities we serve and there’s no doubt that our frames are being enjoyed in schools, colleges, hospitals and healthcare centres, emergency services buildings and government buildings all around us.

We use technically advanced aluminium frame systems tested and trusted in Australia giving us excellent flexibility in:

  • Design – from individual frames to large expanses of glazing,
  • Installed features – multi-fold doors, automatic doors, awnings, screens
  • Glazing – clear, high-performance, energy optimised, decals, infill panels and glazing alternatives
  • Finishes – durable coatings, extensive colour range, warranty on finishes

Building Schools for the Future

As a specialist fabricator, AluGlaze has already played our part in an estimated $500m of education projects in WA.  We continue to install well engineered, expertly fabricated, building envelope solutions to support the development of schools in our communities.

  • Windows and doors
  • Louvre galleries for ventilation
  • Acoustically engineered external windows and internal partitions
  • Energy optimised glazing solutions


Design & Build Support and Complete, Compliant, Competitive Quotations

We can advise on design, specification and measurement and provide trade-integration support to ensure that our package fits seamlessly into the construction programme.

We are able to respond to tender enquiries with complete, compliant and competitive quotations whilst advising on and responding to performance specifications for energy efficient glazing, acoustic control, BCA compliance, buildability constraints and other engineering challenges.

All our finished installations come with written warranties appropriate to specification.